Sylosis Sever All Doubts In Islington

Tonight, at Islington Town Hall, Josh Middleton’s Sylosis kicked themselves out of the attic of their four-year hibernation to tumble bloodied and torn down the stairs.

Whereupon they immediately leapt up and proceeded to absolutely crush it for 100m in all directions, with a set that laid waste to any doubts that they’d be unable to bounce back into maul hammer-heavy form.

You would expect the Architect axeman to deliver on the chops and his lead work is precise as a laser-guided guillotine, but it’s the rest of the band that’s a revelation. Alex Bailey, as alt guitarist, is a towering inferno of chunk, his guitar tone giving the riffs the kind of attack and heft that fells trees.

The drumming from Ali Richardson is pitiless and bassist Conor Marshall seems to hold the band together with headbanging alone, his locks thrashing the air like a runaway harvester.

Heavy-as-gravity 2015 classic Where the Wolves Come to Die destroys the floor but seems totally at home with material from the 2020 release, such as the jaw-rearranging set opener I Sever.

After tonight there is no doubt; Sylosis are back and this time they mean it…