Surfing Essaouira

Action Photography

My action photography is fast moving – whether I am capturing mountain bikers flying through the air, or a rock climber crawling up a wall of granite, my shutter finger has to be ready to freeze the action. It's an essential part of telling my stories...
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Maroon Bells in the morning

Landscape Photography

My landscape photography ranges from the high mountains to golden sands. I seek to capture the spirit of a place as well as the emotions that it stirs in me. This may explain why I have lugged my tripod and up to some pretty remote and rugged locations!
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Heron hunting perch

Wildlife Photography

My wildlife photography scratches the surface of what wildlife can tell us about our world. Whether it's in my local nature reserve, or out in the wilds, I look to tell these natural stories, and to raise awareness of our fragile companions...
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Sunset on Playa del Faro, La Palma

Sunset & Sunrise Photography

Through my sunset & sunrise photography, I witness the drama and life-affirming sight of a new day beginning, or coming to a close. I'm also drawn to exploring the otherworldly light that falls before the dawn and beyond the sunset...
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My collection of fine art photographs taken at Lympstone Harbour, Lake Tahoe, and La Palma’s volcanic beach are available to order now in a variety of sizes to suit any wall in your home…