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Reeds Woodberry Wetlands

How To Go On A Local Adventure

We spend most of our lives being local, and you might think that inspiring outdoor adventures are off the menu in your over-familiar local area, but with the right hacks and approach you can still enter the explorer's mindset... and just spending time in green or blue spaces benefits mental health!
Alex Honnold, Free Solo

How Alex Honnold Climbs Free Solo

Watching Alex Honnold make the first ever ropeless ascent of El Cap, in the Oscar-nominated Free Solo, takes your breath away. I caught up with him to find out how he climbed a kilometre of rock in three hours with no rope, and what it can teach us about facing our own fears...
Nims Purja Project Possible

How Nims Purja Did The Impossible

Pro mountaineers usually have to train for years to climb a the world's hardest 8,000m+ peaks. Nims Purja climbed all 14 in the space of seven months and he didn't even start climbing until he was 29 – here the former Gurkha tells me how he did it...

How To Ride Snowmass Bike Park

When I travelled to Snowmass Bike Park, Aspen I sought out some coaching from local expert Tyler Lindsay to help me flow down the trails – his advice will have you shredding your local bike park, wherever you are...
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