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Riding the powder snow at Iwani, Hokkaido Japan

Japan’s Powder Snow Is Next Level

Travel to Niseko for Japan's powder snow – it's 95% air, which makes it perfect for charging through the trees, as I discovered on a trip to Hokkaido – what I didn't expect was to find Japow's best kept secret powder stash – in fact, it's the size of an entire mountain...
Matt Ray adventure writer and photographer takes a pre-dawn photo of kayaks by Lake Tahoe

Kayak Lake Tahoe At Dawn

Paddling out to kayak Lake Tahoe before sunrise is the best way to experience the dawn rising over this mighty body of water. The fact that the temperature was below freezing only added to the surreal atmosphere...

Sunset photography on Mono Lake

A stop on a Californian road trip gave me the chance to step into an otherworldly sunset at Mono Lake. The conditions were supernaturally still, so I attempted to capture the haunting beauty of this ancient, and yet fragile landscape...
Stargazing on La Palma viewing a moonset

Stargazing On La Palma​

You might think that staring up into the night sky isn’t very adventurous. And yet, when you combine an unobstructed view of the milky way in full arc-of-heaven mode, with trekking high-altitude volcanic peaks, things soon start to feel pretty ‘out there’.
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