Who is Matt Ray?!

Welcome to The Adventure Fella!

Hi, I’m Matt ‘The Adventure Fella’ Ray and this blog is for people who love going on an adventure, whether it’s the mountains, sea, desert, forest or city and getting stuck into the rock, snow, water, mud or sand.

If it involves biking, hiking, climbing, paddling, running, snowboarding, or if there’s an exciting story to be told, then I’ll be there, bringing you the latest in everything outdoors. Read on to find out how…

Remember, whether you're on an expedition or a 30-minute walk, in the city or out in the backcountry, it all counts!

Looking for inspiration for your next adventure? Or help with planning it? How about the gear and skills to do it? This blog will bring you everything you need to get out there and have an amazing experience. 

In my Adventure Fella blog, I will bring you how to guides, interviews with outdoor heroes like Alex Honnold, destination reports, outdoor reviews and photography to open windows into worlds of adventure.

Remember, you don’t have to travel the world for adventure – it can often be found right on your doorstep. Whether you’re on an expedition or a 30-minute walk, in the city or out in the backcountry, it all counts! 

In fact, there’s usually an adventure to be had around the very next corner, so long as you have the right mindset… 

As well as running The Adventure Fella blog, I am a professional magazine editor, writer and photographer with two decades of adventures in journalism.

I have been privileged to have gone mountain biking in the Lakes with Olympic Gold Medallist Alistair Brownlee, tried my hand at crack climbing in the Peak District with the Wide Boyz Tom Randall, ridden off an 8m cliff with Downhill MTB World Champ Gee Atherton, and been embedded on a Arctic Warfare Training course, with 42 Commando. 

I am conscious of the need to balance the positive benefits of adventures with their impacts on the environment. I travel to destinations by train wherever possible and have never run a private car. I attempt to evaluate the sustainability of products that I review, and will be doing more to report on sustainable adventure initiatives.

I am the former Editor of both Healthy For Men, and Flipside magazines, as well as a former Fitness Editor of Men’s Fitness. My writing appears in titles including The Red Bulletin, Men’s Fitness, Healthy For Men, Cycling Plus, GQ, MAXIM, Forever Sports, Adventure Travel, Easyjet, N by Norwegian, STUFF, The Telegraph, RedBull.com and RSNG.com.

My photography has been commissioned by Men’s Fitness, RedBull.com, Adventure Travel and RSNG.com, and I always travel with my trusty camera, although I am very experienced at working with other photographers, for my first-person reports.

I have a fascination for wild landscapes but also what makes athletes and outdoor explorers tick. After all, the greatest adventures also happen in the mind!

Whatever your own passions for the outdoors I am interested in hearing about new ways to interact with Earth’s amazing landscapes, and always receptive to requests for new content – so if you want to see something featured on this blog, then let me know. And I am also available to be booked for writing, editing or photography work.

Got an idea for an adventure? What are you waiting for, get in touch 🙂