How To Go On A Local Adventure

Reeds Woodberry Wetlands

We spend most of our lives being local, and you might think that inspiring outdoor adventures are off the menu in your over-familiar local area, but with the right hacks and approach you can still enter the explorer’s mindset… and just spending time in green or blue spaces benefits mental health!

How Alex Honnold Climbs Free Solo

Alex Honnold, Free Solo

Watching Alex Honnold make the first ever ropeless ascent of El Cap, in the Oscar-nominated Free Solo, takes your breath away. I caught up with him to find out how he climbed a kilometre of rock in three hours with no rope, and what it can teach us about facing our own fears…

How Nims Purja Did The Impossible

Nims Purja Project Possible

Pro mountaineers usually have to train for years to climb a the world’s hardest 8,000m+ peaks. Nims Purja climbed all 14 in the space of seven months and he didn’t even start climbing until he was 29 – here the former Gurkha tells me how he did it…

Japan’s Powder Snow Is Next Level

Riding the powder snow at Iwani, Hokkaido Japan

Travel to Niseko for Japan’s powder snow – it’s 95% air, which makes it perfect for charging through the trees, as I discovered on a trip to Hokkaido – what I didn’t expect was to find Japow’s best kept secret powder stash – in fact, it’s the size of an entire mountain…

Patagonia Fitz Roy Down Jacket Review

Matt testing the Patagonia Fitz Roy Down Hoodie

Thick ice covered the puddles of Dartmoor when I took the Patagonia Fitz Roy Hoodie for a real-world review. I was impressed with its warmth, even in sub zero temps, as well the way it moves with your body, but a sterner test was in store…

Paddleboard Review: Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″

I took one of the UK’s most popular paddleboards out for a Devon sunset session on the Exe Estuary, and then once again in choppier conditions. Here’s how I rated the Ride 10.6″ for its ease of use, performance and fun factor!

Amazing Astrophotography In 6 Simple Steps

Astrophotography on La Palma light painting a man

Capturing the night sky in all its timeless beauty can be a challenge, so follow my field-tested tips for taking long exposures of the night sky, to get your own incredible results…

Kayak Lake Tahoe At Dawn

Matt Ray adventure writer and photographer takes a pre-dawn photo of kayaks by Lake Tahoe

Paddling out to kayak Lake Tahoe before sunrise is the best way to experience the dawn rising over this mighty body of water. The fact that the temperature was below freezing only added to the surreal atmosphere…

Sunset photography on Mono Lake

A stop on a Californian road trip gave me the chance to step into an otherworldly sunset at Mono Lake. The conditions were supernaturally still, so I attempted to capture the haunting beauty of this ancient, and yet fragile landscape…