Climb The North Face Of Ben Nevis

When I set out to fulfil a life goal and climb the North Face of Ben Nevis – Britain's highest mountain – for Men's Fitness, I had to battle the elements to photograph the adventure. I also got a crash course in fast 'n' light mountaineering, and learnt some valuable lessons about trusting your own abilities...

Burton Custom X Flying V Snowboard Review

The Burton Custom is a design classic, which struts everywhere on the mountain with deserved confidence – this X Flying V version adds carbon in the right places for a snappier ride while the profile adds some float. Here's what I made of it on a trip to St Johann, Austria...
Stargazing on La Palma viewing a moonset

Stargazing On La Palma​

You might think that staring up into the night sky isn’t very adventurous. And yet, when you combine an unobstructed view of the milky way in full arc-of-heaven mode, with trekking high-altitude volcanic peaks, things soon start to feel pretty ‘out there’.
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